A Red Velvet Christmas

A Red Velvet Christmas

Cocktails With Surprisingly Low Amount Of Calories You Can Enjoy While Out With Friends

by Zachary Castro

Just because you made a new year's resolution to eat healthier this year, does not mean you have to pass up on happy hour. It just means you need to be smart about what you order to drink. There are plenty of great cocktails you can enjoy while out with your friends that are also low on calories.

Watch What You Add

First off, you need to watch what you add to your cocktails. Soda easily doubles the calorie count of just about any cocktail. Tonic water is actually just as bad as soda. It actually has about as many calories and grams of sugar as most sodas do. Stay away from tonic water and soda in order to cut down on the calories you consume at happy hour.

Bloody Mary

You may generally think about ordering a Bloody Mary after a night out on the town. However, a Bloody Mary is also a great low calorie cocktail option for other times as well. Plus, the main ingredient is tomato juice, which is filling and good for you at the same time.


If you prefer to stick to more after work cocktails, order a Cosmopolitan. All a Cosmopolitan contains is some vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice. It does not have any soda or tonic water to increase its calorie count, and is actually a very healthy cocktail choice.

Mai Tai

Another great after work option is a Mai Tai. In order to keep it healthy, ask the bartender to cut out the soda. Without the soda, this is actually a relatively healthy cocktail. You can ask the bartender to add a little bit more pineapple and orange juice instead.


If you want something with a fresher taste, ask for a Mojito without the simple syrup. The simple syrup is what makes this drink so sugary; however, it is still very tasty without it.

Vodka Cranberry

If nothing else, you can always fall back on the classic happy hour vodka cranberry. You skip out on the soda and simple syrup, while still getting to enjoy a tasty drink with your friends.

If you want to mix it up, ask for a sea breeze instead. A sea breeze adds a splash of grapefruit juice into a traditional vodka cranberry to create a drink with a little bit more zest.

If you want to stay healthy and watch your waistline this year, you do not have to give up your after work cocktail or fancy dinners at restaurants such as Gabriel's Restaurant Bar & Grill. Just try to stay away from cocktails that contain soda, tonic water and simple syrups. Instead, stick to cocktails that keep it simple and use primarily alcohol and juice. 


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A Red Velvet Christmas

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