A Red Velvet Christmas

A Red Velvet Christmas

What You Should Know About Restaurant Equipment

by Zachary Castro

If you are planning on opening a restaurant, one of the first things you will be thinking about is stocking your restaurant with equipment and furniture. Before you do so, there are a few things you should know first.

You Can Buy Used Equipment

Just because you have a new restaurant, doesn't mean you need new equipment. Buying equipment for the kitchen of your restaurant can be very expensive, and you can save money by going for secondhand equipment. There may have been a local restaurant that purchased more equipment than they needed, or whose owner decide the restaurant business wasn't for them, and are now trying to unload everything they have. A lot of equipment can be purchased used, including refrigeration units, stoves, and ovens. You can also buy furniture like tables and chairs used.

Equipment Can be Leased

Another thing to know about purchasing restaurant equipment is that you can lease it. This is a good option when you are first starting out and might not have the capital to purchase all the equipment you need. It is especially useful when you need equipment with a relatively short life span, such as an ice machine. There are many different types of restaurant equipment that can be leased, such as coffee makers and espresso machines, and handy appliances for the kitchen. This lets you try out new equipment first to decide if it is a right fit for your restaurant.

Equipment Needs Regular Maintenance

Don't forget that the equipment you have in your kitchen needs regular maintenance. Whether it is the stove in your kitchen or the new fancy espresso machine in the dining room of your restaurant, you need to perform regular maintenance. This includes keeping all equipment clean and having it inspected routinely. This will keep it from malfunctioning when you are in the middle of a Friday night dinner rush. It also prevents more serious repairs.

Refrigeration is Essential

When you start choosing the refrigeration systems for your restaurant, don't rush into your decisions. Refrigeration is among the most important equipment you will have in your restaurant. With inadequate refrigeration, you will end up with spoiled food, which means unhappy customers and a major loss to your business assets. The size of your kitchen will likely determine the refrigeration you can get. There are large walk-in refrigerators and freezers and smaller units for compact kitchens.

Businesses that specialize in restaurant equipment can help you every step of the way, whether it comes to how to set up the equipment in your kitchen, to choosing the right refrigerator for your needs. To learn more, visit Canada Food Equipment Ltd.


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A Red Velvet Christmas

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