A Red Velvet Christmas

A Red Velvet Christmas

North American Food Meets Italian Cooking: Why Not-So-Italian Choices Are on the Menu

by Zachary Castro

Several Italian restaurants in the U.S. and Canada often feature menu options that are decidedly not as Italian as the rest of the menu. Examples of such menu items include different cuts of steak, or sandwiches that are often labeled "paninis" but are nothing like the genuine Italian sandwiches of Italy. If you have ever wondered why other foods are offered, there are some very valid reasons Italian restaurants in North America do this.

Not Everyone Enjoys Authentic Ethnic Food

Although shocking and surprising to the rest of the world, there are some people who do not enjoy pasta and Italian sauces. If these people dine with someone who absolutely loves Italian food, there is an alternative for them to eat. Steak, for instance, is a very popular food choice in Canada and the U.S., regardless of which ethnic food is served in a restaurant. It may be that someone who loves Italian or just loves a particular Italian restaurant, may decide one evening to switch things up and eat something more familiar and closer to home. For these reasons, you will see non-Italian food choices on a menu.

Instead of Tex-Mex, It Is American-Italian

Americans and Canadians alike have mixed foods from different cultures to produce new and interesting foods that appeal to more customers. That rib-eye and provolone panini on the menu is a prime example of combining a popular cut of beef with Italian cheese and maybe some Italian seasoning that North Americans are wont to do. The U.S. and Canada are giant melting pots of cultures and foods, which is another reason why not everything on your Italian menu is one-hundred percent Italian.

Even Authentic Italian Has Variants

If you have ever noticed that certain Italian sauces or foods seem spicier or more heavily doused with wine, it is because there are several regions in Italy that are well known for certain products. These regiones have incorporated what is available to them and what they are known for into their recipes. The spicier Italian dishes have their origins in Sicily, an island in the Mediterranean south of Italy that was involved in foreign spice trades for hundreds of years. Their food was also influenced by Greeks, who were their neighbors. This is another big reason why there is so much variety on an Italian menu such as Lapiazza Restaurant Ltd in Canada and the U.S. The wide variety began with Italy itself.


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A Red Velvet Christmas

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