A Red Velvet Christmas

A Red Velvet Christmas

3 Fun Ways To Use Your Leftover Pizza

by Zachary Castro

One of the wonderful things about pizza is that the leftovers are still appetizing the next day—even if you eat them cold out of the fridge. But maybe you're looking for a more interesting way to use your pizza leftovers. If you binged on pizza last night and you're looking for a less obvious way to use up your leftovers, here are a few fun suggestions to give your pizza leftovers (from pizzerias like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza) a whole new flavor.

Waffle Pizza

Turn your pizza into a breakfast treat that you can hold in your hand and enjoy the next morning. This easy pizza makeover just requires a waffle iron and some ingenuity. Start by moving any toppings that you have on your pizza to the upper left corner of the slice. Then fold the slice so that the tip of the slice covers that upper left corner—this way, your toppings and cheese will become the filling inside of your pizza waffle.

Because of the shape of the pizza, a small amount of the slice will be left exposed after you fold it over. Trim this section away and put the folded pizza into the waffle iron. Your waffle iron may not immediately close over the pizza, but after it warms up, it should soften, and you'll be able to close it. It should only need to cook for a few minutes. You can tell it's done if the waffle iron lid opens easily—if it sticks, you need a couple more minutes. Take the pizza waffle out, and enjoy.

Pizza Cocktail

Having friends over for drinks later? Impress them by turning your leftover slices of pizza into amusing and tasty Bloody Mary garnishes. This is pretty simple—all you need is some cocktail skewers and your leftover pizza.

Take the toppings off your pizza, and save any that can be used as cocktail garnishes. Pepperonis go well with Bloody Marys, as do pickled onions and various peppers. Discard any toppings that you can't use for garnishes, then cut the bare pizza slices into small triangles. Toast them in a skillet until they're crispy, then start making your skewers—maybe a pepper in between two pizza triangles, or a few folded pepperonis under a pearl onion. Be creative. Add the skewers to your Bloody Marys along with a stalk of celery, and serve.

Pizza Croutons

Pizza croutons are easy to make, and you can save them in a sealed container to add some extra flavor to salads, soups, or casseroles. Just put one slice of pizza face down on top of another slice of pizza that's face up, and cut the pizza sandwich into small squares. Add some oil to a frying pan and fry the crouton-size squares until they're crispy, then save them to add to other dishes as desired.

Pizza leftovers are very versatile, and you can do a lot with them. Take the time to experiment with your leftover pizza, and you may hit on your own favorite uses for your day-old pizza slices. 


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