A Red Velvet Christmas

A Red Velvet Christmas

3 Reasons To Add More Cornmeal To Your Diet

by Zachary Castro

Eating a balanced diet is essential when it comes to maintaining your health. Incorporating a variety of foods into your meals can be a great way to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to sustain proper function.

One ingredient that many people overlook when it comes to food preparation is cornmeal. When dried corn is ground down, it creates a textured powder known as cornmeal. Adding more cornmeal to your diet can have some significant health benefits.

1. Cornmeal is a good source of fiber.

If you are looking for an easy way to add more fiber to your daily diet, using cornmeal can help. Fiber plays a critical role in your digestive health. Without enough fiber in your diet, you may experience stomach problems, irregular bowel movements, and an increase in the level of toxins within your digestive tract.

Fiber has also been shown to help improve cardiovascular health and contribute to a healthy body weight. Cornmeal is a great source of fiber, so incorporating cornmeal into your daily diet can help increase your fiber intake.

2. Cornmeal can be a source of iron.

Reaching your daily iron intake goals is important to the overall health of your body. Iron helps the blood transport oxygen throughout the body. Since oxygen is required for all the cells within your body, an iron deficiency can have serious consequences.

You may experience fatigue or frequent illnesses if your iron intake is too low. Adding cornmeal to your daily diet can help you reach your recommended intake of iron, increasing your overall health and bolstering the performance of your body's immune system.

3. Cornmeal can help reduce cholesterol.

High cholesterol levels can be a cause for concern. Managing your cholesterol levels with a healthy diet can improve your health. Cornmeal contains soluble fiber, which has been shown to help reduce LDL cholesterol (which is the dangerous kind) levels in the body.

There is no added cholesterol in cornmeal, and the versatility of cornmeal makes it a perfect ingredient to help you lower your risk of cholesterol-related disease.

Reaching for cornmeal in your pantry the next time you are baking a batch of muffins or making pancakes for breakfast can be beneficial for your health. Take advantage of the fiber and iron in cornmeal, as well as the cholesterol-improving qualities, and improve your daily diet by incorporating cornmeal into your regular food routine. 


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A Red Velvet Christmas

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