A Red Velvet Christmas

A Red Velvet Christmas

  • 3 Fun Ways To Use Your Leftover Pizza

    One of the wonderful things about pizza is that the leftovers are still appetizing the next day—even if you eat them cold out of the fridge. But maybe you're looking for a more interesting way to use your pizza leftovers. If you binged on pizza last night and you're looking for a less obvious way to use up your leftovers, here are a few fun suggestions to give your pizza leftovers (from pizzerias like Chicago Deep Dish Pizza) a whole new flavor.

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    Several Italian restaurants in the U.S. and Canada often feature menu options that are decidedly not as Italian as the rest of the menu. Examples of such menu items include different cuts of steak, or sandwiches that are often labeled "paninis" but are nothing like the genuine Italian sandwiches of Italy. If you have ever wondered why other foods are offered, there are some very valid reasons Italian restaurants in North America do this.

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    When you are craving Thai food, what is your favorite dish? Do you love the tartness of a tom yum soup, the cool crunch of a summer roll, or maybe the tangy flavors or Pad Thai? Perhaps you think of curry. The sweet coconut milk and savory spices of a good Thai curry make this dish a favorite among many Asian food fans, but when you look closely at most Thai menus, you will notice several different types of curry.

  • About Me

    A Red Velvet Christmas

    Before marrying my amazing husband nine years ago, I had never baked a cake in my life. At our wedding shower, one of my beloved aunts gifted me with several types of cake pans including three single layer ones. Never one to waste a gadget, I anxiously stirred up my first desert, a towering rich red velvet cake, with my new cake pans. Since baking this first cake, I’ve become known around my community as an expert red velvet cake baker. Around Christmas time, I always get requests to make this tantalizingly delicious dessert. One of the secrets to my success is adding an abundant amount of liquid to my batter in the form of oil and buttermilk. On this blog, you will discover the other ingredients needed to have your own red velvet Christmas this year.